Text 15 Aug 7 notes Top Tips for Dealing with Cops

Um…NO you’re NOT!

1. Always be calm and cool.

2. Never touch a cop.

3.You have rights; don’t give them up.

4. Ask if you’re being detained or are free to go.

5. You can refuse searches.

6. Do not confess to wrongdoing.

7. Don’t lie, remain silent instead.

8. Ask for a lawyer.

9. Demand a warrant for entry into your home.

10. Don’t argue, report misconduct later.

Remember, cops are not all bad. But recent changes in our laws have dangerously increased their power. We must, and more importantly they must, remember that they are public servants meant to protect and serve the populace. Not to harass or inhibit the rights of the people, with fear being the only rationale. Know and protect your rights.

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